The Benovate Inno-Preneurial Business Transformation Readiness Assessment for CXO's

 Dear CXO,
We would like to personally thank you for the interest in this assessment. Your cooperation & time investment is greatly appreciated !

In this survey we ask questions about your Innovation Readiness Capabilities in 12 areas , please answer all questions as fully as possible. (There are no right or wrong answers...) It will take +- 60 minutes to complete. 

In exchange for your precious time you will get a personalized PDF report comparing your results with other companies in our benchmark database and some high level recommendations.
(For more information on this report, you can download a sample report here )

In our experience, most successful Digital Innovation and Transformation programs start with some sort of formal or informal assessment. An assessment provides an objective view that can be used to put together an action plan to make Strategic Innovation happen at your company.
We hope you will find it useful. 
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  nb: An Interessting reading...(see also chapter 7) 
 "Unbundling the Human Element in Open Innovation: Views, Arguments and Perspectives ..."


Kind regards,

Patrick Crasson - Managing Partner

BeNovate Management Consulting

Privacy: This study is registered under the number HM003004619 with the Belgian Privacy commission. All the data that you provide will be kept confidential and will not be made available to any third party without your express written consent. 

There are 30 questions in this survey.