Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Solving the enterprise equation by integrating strategic open/external Innovation initiatives will help to align the internal complexity of the organizational, technical and financial governance paradigms and will help to drive a efficient transition from an Utility/Commodity business relationship to a Partner/Enabler one .


Our Mission

At BeNovate, we create alignment, energy and commitment within our customer's leadership team and organization to generate growth initiatives, faster time-to-market and increased competitiveness by identifying and integrating business driven technology Innovation ecosystems.

We are the Inno-Preneurship enablers for your enterprise !





Next to the BIEP ( Balance- Integrity - Expertise - Passion) Values of BeAligned Group we value those key elements part of our DNA :
Be Sustainable (Financial value) 
Innovation can create a sustainable future for organizations, and the work of innovation itself must be made sustainable through the consistent and well-paced investment of resources.
Be Open (Cultural value) 
Openness is the precious fruit of the human imagination. Innovation fully embraces the discovery of what is possible for our organizations, even if it involves risk and failure.
Be Smart (Intellectual value) 
Through the application of experience and knowledge, the human intellect identifies and shapes innovation opportunities in ways that enable action.
Be Responsible (Leadership value) 
Innovation is a critical element of responsible stewardship for leaders who must be vigilant for the health and well-being of their people and organizations.
Be Realistic (Entrepreneurship value) 
A sense for realism makes “walking the talk » and helps to accelerate implementation and acceptance of a transformation.
Be Inclusive (Technological value) 
Today, everyone has a role to play ! Socially enabled web technologies ensure open and distributed collaboration at a local and global scale : we definitely entered the "Participation Age" !


Executive Advisors

At BeNovate you'll find your trusted  advisors on strategic business and technology enabled Innovation

We are an independent “boutique consulting”  firm with exclusively experienced executive level & senior advisors and experts  that combine on an unique way the skills of strategic thinking with pragmatic executing. With that result : we have a high customer satisfaction rate (Qfor label)



BeNovate Advisors

Patrick Crasson

 Managing Partner 

Mobile: +352 661 709 501 / +32 496 708 501

Patrick is co-founder and managing partner of BeNovate (Strategy &Innovation) , Ceinoo (Board advisory) & P2C Management Consulting (Executive Advisory and Business Angel-ship ).

Patrick has 25 years + of experience in executive management, consulting, sales/marketing, business development, Innovation management and entrepreneurship and has worked successfully with both startups and large technological/professional services companies having built during this period a large and qualitative network. Patrick has held several and successful management and executive leadership positions in the Defense industry, high-growth Startups , Professional Services Business/Technology Consulting . His experience includes a successful track record in growing local and international businesses and raising/managing their related funds

Patrick is also involved in the accademic world as lecturer and invited professor at Solvay Brussels School of Management (IT Strategy/Alignment & Innovation & Entrepreneurship modules ) and is one of the founders of CIO-Club.

He is certified in director effectiveness and board governance modules at Guberna and is an experienced non-executive board member in a number of local and international companies and associations

Bruno D'Hulster

Executive Advisor

Mobile: +32 476 981 119
Bruno has more than 20 years of experience in business and IT consultancy. In the first half of his career he worked as an IT consultant, project leader and management consultant at EDS, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and IBM.
In 2006 he founded, together with 2 partners, the company BeAligned which has grown towards a successfully BeNeLux management consultancy company with 40 employees and a large network of experts. In 2012 he co-founded BeNovate, together with Patrick Crasson.
As a senior excecutive advisor he focusses on business and IT strategy, innovation, transformation & change management in large, medium and  small companies in different sectors.
His current roles and activities:
  • Founding partner at BeAligned Group and BeNovate
  • Senior advisor on strategic innovation and transformation management
  • Member of startup jury's
  • Coach and advisor of small companies and startups
  • Independent certified Director (Guberna)


Etienne Blomme

Senior Executive Advisor

(Freelance Partner)
Mobile : +32 495 580 779

Etienne is an experienced "C Level" Executive that has more that 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, both on the manufacturing side as on the operator side. Etienne has a long track record in involvement in start up initiatives in the telecom/internet world:

  • Co-founder of Telenet, starting with the feasibility study till incorporation of the company, member of the board, late90's acquisition of Men@Work and later on integration in Telenet
  • From day 1 involved in the lead to establishment of iMinds (former IBBT), still member of the board
  • Chairman of the board of i-City (living lab)  which was later integrated into iMinds , with a successful spin-off: City Live (known under brand Mobile Vikings)
  • Advisor to AGORIA ICT
  • Till May 2012 member BoD of a equity company that acquired a telecom company in Germany (Primacom)
  • Advisor to project "Every European Digital" - a company that explores feasibility of deploying a broadband network in Poland (fixed or satellite)leveraging on European Infrastructure Funds.


Brigitte Boone

Senior Executive Advisor

(Freelance Partner)

Mobile: +32 477 489 806

Brigitte is a senior "C-Level" Executive with operational experience in variety of sectors (private equity portfolio in small/mid caps in Belgium/France/Spain) and with in-depth knowledge of banking, corporate/structured finance, and private equity.
She has a strong involvement in corporate governance aspects; extensive knowledge of tax and legal issues. (general manager tax department for more than 10 years and legal counsel)
Brigitte earned a large leadership and managerial experience including withi groups of people in more than 35 countries.She showed a strong and recognized leadership in international project teams involving mergers and integration of teams.
Brigitte holds several Board positions as non-executive director in financial/ technology/ media/ retail/ distribution/ food/ textile/ real estate sectors and is thus a very experienced Board member

Specialties:structured and corporate finance, M&A, private equity, tax, legal,corporate governance, financial restructuring,investment management